Diet Consistancy

Regular consistency:

  • All solid foods

Mechanical soft consistency:

  • Moist, ground meat.  Can have hot dog with bun, processed meats and delie meats.  Bacon and sausage are ground.
  • Veggies are chopped and soft, ground salad
  • Breads are allowed except for bagel, English muffin, breads with nuts.  Can have pasta and rice.
  • Fruit – fresh fruit is soft and bite size; cooked or canned fruit, no hard melons or hard fresh fruit.
  • Desserts:  all except desserts with nuts.

Dysphagia consistency:

  • Moist and ground meats, ground sausage, ground deli meat and soft meat sandwiches with no onions
  • Veggies are soft and well cooked, no skins, no peas/carrots/beans/cabbage (or they are pureed)
  • Pureed soups
  • Breads are soft slices or buns, no bagel, biscuits, wraps, Italian bread, toast.  Pureed rice.  Can  have pasta with sauce, not pureed
  • Fruit:  all canned or cooked, except for ripe banana
  • Desserts:  all but no rice or tapioca puddings, no desserts with nuts

Pureed consistency:

  • Meats – pureed
  • Veggies – pureed
  • Breads – pureed
  • Fruit – pureed including mashed banana
  • Dessert – pureed, can have jello, plain pudding, yogurt, ice cream